A new age of aviation
A new age of aviation

Customer Testimonies

Here's what our consultants, professors and others had to say:

"Flowing fluid force technologies make sense. I understand how deploying the funneling scoop and deflecting units can make a force to lift or push an aircraft any direction. I'd arrange a date for your research to get done soon. The technologies should be secret because they are impotant discoveries." - Marvin H., consultant, Action Business coach, Birmingham, Al. 


“Thank you for coming yesterday to show me the innovative idea. Your systems can solve the weaknesses and limitations of planes. Planes are hazardous to fly the way they're made. The idea can advance aviation when it’s introduced. I believe you’re ready to do it.”– JSCC Eng. Dept, Dr Murray J., professor, Birmingham, Al


"It’s easy to understand how deploying the scoop & box units can make a force to lift or push an aircraft any direction. Reactive force balancing technologies make sense & I feel the ideas are valuable. The speed brake feature mentioned in the presentation is good for planes. Make a date to get the research done.”– Bruce M., Consultant, Birmingham, Al


"Your idea is good! The engineering is practical. Thrust technologies can be reactive when you computing system controls the units. The world can benefit from improving aircraft. It impressed me because a new method of flying can advance aviation. I hope you develop it. If you keep trying to get you project before the right group, you'll be successful. You recognize the value so get appointments with the right group."- Brian B, Ph.D., Exe. Dir., Museum of Flight, Birmingham, Al.


"I was referred to Flight Control Systems by an industry friend and was pleased by the high quality of the systems." - Larry C., Birmingham, Al


"Thank you & your team for the systems you suppied. I value the manner of rapid fulfillment you have."- Joe V., Birmingham, Al.

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