A new age of aviation
A new age of aviation

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At Flight Control Systems, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the thrust units. We're pleased they are about to be tested in an applied science wind tunnel to prove the output performance of thrust units. Selection of durable materials can be used for units we provide.


Scoop thrust units are ideal substitutes for wings. Box thrust units replace the aileron flaps or rudder deflectors you are familiar with. I'd like you to consider the discovery made a "quantum leap" in technology. A practical advance is available. As this goes further you can learn about the value of what can transform transportation. Pilots will continue to lose control & crash planes when we use the present method of flight (wings). What is used today is a prolem that can be fixed with the newest technologies presented here.


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The newest 4' tall x 16' wide scoop produces 400 mph air from its 4' nozzle while flying at 100 mph. A funneling principle provides the multiple increase (4x) in speed. The nozzle is given rapid vectoring command signals using a computing system. The new 4' boxes (operate in pairs) deflect the 100 mph air the plane is flying through on a 45 degree angle right or left (cubes are on the top and bottom), and up or down on a 45 degree angle (cubes on the right and left sides). The boxes can turn 90 degrees to act as real air brakes.


See a video of the 10" prototype propulsion impeller compared to a 9" prop on a trolling motor at 1,720 rpm. Note a performance improvement. Click on the Hyper-link. It is recorded here  http://youtu.be/TYjjUjQ4AaQ  

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